Potential Collaborations

Emily Marshall
Dr. Emily Marshall at Primary Care Research Day (PCRD) Conference

Join forces with experience!!!!

At BRIC NS, we are eager to collaborate with our counterparts in the Canadian Primary Care Research Network.We are already involved in research projects with many of the other networks across the country and welcome opportunities to expand our interprovincial collaborations.

BRIC NS is led by some of Canada’s most experienced primary healthcare researchers, with stellar track records in conducting groundbreaking, highly influential research in partnership with collaborators across Canada.

Joining forces with BRIC NS to pursue mutual research interests will help to ensure the utmost conceptual soundness, methodological rigor and translatability of your joint efforts.

If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration, please contact BRIC NS by email (bricns@dal.ca) indicating you would like to connect with Dr. Emily Marshall for potential collaboration:

Professor Dr. Emily Marshall
Executive Director, BRIC NS
Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Dalhousie University