Primary Healthcare Research Day

Registration is now open for Primary Healthcare Research Day 2017!

Primary Healthcare Research Day, now in its fourth year, is an opportunity for learners, decision-makers, citizens, and researchers from a variety of disciplines to come together and celebrate primary healthcare research happening across the province.  Research Day is presented by Collaborative Research in Primary Health Care (CoR-PHC).  The day is focused on the role that research has in improving primary healthcare service and delivery.

BRIC NS is pleased to offer and award for best student poster given at Primary Healthcare Research Day.

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Upcoming funding opportunities

The following funding opportunities will be launched by CIHR in 2017. These opportunities are specifically available to members of Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Networks across the country.  Each project must involve at least one other PIHCI Network and must have 1:1 matching funds.

Funding Opportunity Description Total Budget Funding Opportunity Launch Deadline
Knowledge Synthesis Grants

View 2016 Funding Opportunity

To support teams of researchers and knowledge users to produce knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews that will contribute to the use of synthesized evidence in decision-making and practice. $50,000 for 1 year Anticipated Spring 2017 Anticipated Early Fall 2017
Comparative Program and Policy Grants

View 2016 Funding Opportunity

To support teams who wish to engage in evidence-based policy-making by analyzing and comparing various provincial policies to produce relevant, compelling research that can be used to influence policy decisions. $125,000/ year for 2 years Anticipated Spring 2017 Anticipated Early Fall 2017
Multi-year Large Grants

Open now

To support larger cross-jurisdictional research projects based on the medium and long term priorities identified by the member networks. $500,000/year for 4 years Winter 2017 Network LOI: August 11, 2017

CIHR LOI: September 26, 2017

Full application: November 28, 2017

BRIC NS Student Research Award Winners

Recipients and supervisors

Photo: BRIC NS Student Research Award Winners and their supervisors (L-R): Dr. Lois Jackson, Holly Mathias, Dr. Amy Bombay, Jad Sinno, Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener, Jaimie Carrier, Sydney Breneol, Dr. George Kephart, Alysia Robinson (Dr. Janet Curran is absent).

BRIC NS, in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, was pleased to present 5 Student Research Awards on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at the Dalhousie University Club. 

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Operating Grant : SPOR PIHCI Network: Programmatic Grants

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) have announced an exciting funding opportunity for BRIC NS and other Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations networks across the country.

The Operating Grant: SPOR PIHCI Network: Programmatic Grants are available for projects of up to 4 years, must include 4 participating provinces, and have a maximum of $1 million available from CIHR in total per funded project (with 1:1 matching funds required).

This competition includes an internal Network-level LOI. The purpose of this LOI process is to formally identify to the PIHCI Networks  the projects that intend to apply to the CIHR opportunity so that we can ensure relevance to provincial priorities, facilitate any other cross-provincial collaborations required, and provide adequate support to obtaining letters of support etc.

Application timeline:

  • NEW DEADLINE September 6: Network LOI due
  • September 26: CIHR LOI due
  • November 28: CIHR application deadline

If you are interested in applying to this opportunity, please get in touch with BRIC NS as soon as possible for support with your application.

*This post was updated on July 31 2017 to include the Network LOI details.

BRIC NS seeks community input on research


Members of the public joined some of Nova Scotia’s leading primary healthcare researchers to help set the direction for future initiatives in this vitally important area of health research. BRIC NS, Building Research for Integrated Primary Healthcare, hosted the citizen-engagement event in the community room of the Barrington Street Superstore in Halifax on April 26, 2017.

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Spring Project Incubator

BRIC NS held its first Project Incubator of 2017 on Monday, March 27.  With a focus on project development, particularly for projects that will be submitted to one of the upcoming SPOR PIHCI Network funding opportunities, groups divided into three key priority areas:

  1. Meeting mental health care needs in the community through primary healthcare
  2. Chronic disease management
    • Self-management
    • Coordination through a central location (such as a wellness centre)
  3. Community focused care for seniors and those approaching the end of life

Moving ideas into action, outcomes for the meeting included:

  • The development of core project teams and ownership for projects
  • Fine tuning of research questions
  • The outline of plans and next steps
  • Identifying which other team members are needed (e.g. knowledge users, patients, clinicians, policy makers, other research expertise, etc.)

Projects looking for new team members, ways to spread the research, and/or are moving on to the next phase of development were also presented.

Attendees are encouraged to connect with BRIC NS as they move their projects forward.