Primary Healthcare Research Day

Registration is now open for Primary Healthcare Research Day 2017!

Primary Healthcare Research Day, now in its fourth year, is an opportunity for learners, decision-makers, citizens, and researchers from a variety of disciplines to come together and celebrate primary healthcare research happening across the province.  Research Day is presented by Collaborative Research in Primary Health Care (CoR-PHC).  The day is focused on the role that research has in improving primary healthcare service and delivery.

BRIC NS is pleased to offer and award for best student poster given at Primary Healthcare Research Day.

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Upcoming funding opportunities

The following funding opportunities will be launched by CIHR in 2017. These opportunities are specifically available to members of Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Networks across the country.  Each project must involve at least one other PIHCI Network and must have 1:1 matching funds.

Funding Opportunity Description Total Budget Funding Opportunity Launch Deadline
Knowledge Synthesis Grants

View 2016 Funding Opportunity

To support teams of researchers and knowledge users to produce knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews that will contribute to the use of synthesized evidence in decision-making and practice. $50,000 for 1 year Anticipated Spring 2017 Anticipated Early Fall 2017
Comparative Program and Policy Grants

View 2016 Funding Opportunity

To support teams who wish to engage in evidence-based policy-making by analyzing and comparing various provincial policies to produce relevant, compelling research that can be used to influence policy decisions. $125,000/ year for 2 years Anticipated Spring 2017 Anticipated Early Fall 2017
Multi-year Large Grants

Open now

To support larger cross-jurisdictional research projects based on the medium and long term priorities identified by the member networks. $500,000/year for 4 years Winter 2017 Network LOI: August 11, 2017

CIHR LOI: September 26, 2017

Full application: November 28, 2017

BRIC NS Student Seminar Series

The BRIC NS Student Seminar Series is an opportunity for students to present their completed or in-progress research.  Presenters cover a wide range of topics and disciplines, with the common thread of primary and integrated health care research running throughout.  Everyone is welcome!

When: November 28, 2018 form 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Where: Room 313, Collaborative Health Education Building, 5793 University Ave., Halifax

For remote attendance options please email

Noelle Ozog will present “Attitudes towards influenza vaccination during wait times in the emergency department.”

Ryley Urban will present “Reallocation Model for Rural Nova Scotian Primary Care Clinics, and impact on Access.”

About the speakers

Noelle Ozog graduated from Western University with a BHSc in 2012, followed by a compressed time frame BScN in 2014. She has spent her nursing career in the emergency department, and has worked in Ontario, BC and Nova Scotia. She currently working casually at the Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department while completing her MScN full time, under the supervision of Dr. Audrey Steenbeek. Her thesis is focused on exploring opportunities for influenza prevention presented by the interconnected nature of primary and emergency health care.

After completing a Bachelors of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering, Minor in Business Administration at University of Windsor, Ryley Urban has accepted the honour of pursuing a Masters of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University.  The Masters study has been fostering her academic passion: Health Care. Stating she “always thought she had the heart to be a nurse, but not the stomach” her current study is a channel for her to contribute to an aspect of society she finds critical, and invaluable.  Currently partnered with a rural Nova Scotian clinic, Ryley is studying current state, and working towards a Panel Reallocation model. This model is to be evaluated for impacts on Access, viewed in metrics of appointment wait time, as well as physician lifestyle, observed though elements such as overutilization and repetitive work.

BRIC NS Members encouraged to apply to TUTOR-PHC Program

Please note that the deadline has passed.

The call for applications for TUTOR-PHC is open to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, mid-career clinicians, and decision makers in primary health care.  As a partner organization, BRIC NS members are given preference in the competition.  BRIC NS encourages any interested applicants to contact us for more information.  The deadline to apply is December 3, 2018.

Please see our guideline document to help prepare your application.

What is the program?

TUTOR-PHC or Transdisciplinary Understandings and Training on Research – Primary Health Care, is a one-year, pan-Canadian interdisciplinary research capacity building program that has been training primary and integrated health care researchers and decision-makers from family medicine, nursing, psychology, epidemiology, social work, occupational therapy, education, policy and many other disciplines since 2003.

Why apply?

  • Primary health care research training
  • Earn University credit & CME credits
  • Valuable feedback on your own primary health care research
  • Mentorship from experienced interdisciplinary primary health care researchers and decision-makers
  • Interdisciplinary team experience

Each trainee will be responsible for a $3000 CND program fee – which includes accommodation / travel to the Symposium.

For more information, please go to the website at:

Please contact Project Coordinator, Rob Van Hoorn ( if you are interested in applying.

BRIC NS Student Seminar Series

When:  October 3, 2018 2:30 – 3:45 pm
Where:  Room 266, Collaborative Health Education Building, 5793 University Ave., Halifax
Remote attendance will be available through Zoom.  Contact for details.

Isaac Bai will present “Primary care prescribing patterns for patients on chronic and high dose opioid therapy: an observational study using electronic medical record data.”

About the speakers

Isaac Bai is a 3rd year pharmacy student at Dalhousie University. His interest is in evidence-based medicine and shared decision making in clinical practice. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Isaac also holds a BSc in biology from University of Prince Edward Island.

Please note that Brianna Richardson’s presentation “Parental Prevention of Newborn Pain: Exploring educational strategies for promoting parental involvement in infant procedural pain management” has been postponed.

All are welcome.  Light refreshments will be served.
For more information:

BRIC NS Student Research Award Winners

Winners of the 2018 BRIC NS Student Research Award. Left to right: Martha Paynter, Duygu Biricik Gulseren, Keisha Jefferies, Brianna Richardson.  Missing from photo: Noelle Ozog.

BRIC NS, in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, held a reception on September 20 to honour the recipients of the 2018 BRIC NS Student Research Award.  The award is given annually to graduate students working in primary and integrated health care research to provide financial support while they complete a thesis-based project.  Winners are chosen by a panel of reviewers based on the quality of the application, strength of the patient engagement and knowledge translation plans, and relevance to BRIC NS priorities.

The BRIC NS Student Research Award is just one of the ways that BRIC NS is working to build capacity in primary and integrated health care research.  The Award is supplemental to the NSHRF Scotia Scholars competition and is open to students at any Nova Scotia University.  This year’s winners are students and Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University.

The recipients and their projects are:

Duygu Biricik Gulseren (PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Saint Mary’s University): Prevention of physiological stress in the workplace: The RIGHT way

Keisha Jefferies (PhD, Nursing, Dalhousie University): The Health of the Black Community and the Role of African Nova Scotian Nursing Leadership

Noelle Ozog (Master of Nursing, Dalhousie University): Feasibility of an influenza vaccination program during low acuity “wait times” at the QEII emergency department

Martha Paynter (PhD, Nursing, Dalhousie University): Perinatal health outcomes of criminalized and incarcerated women in Canada

Brianna Richardson (PhD, Nursing, Dalhousie University): The effect of an eHealth learning platform on parental confidence and involvement with healthy newborn pain management: A randomized control trial

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Project Incubator

The next Project Incubator will be October 5 from 8 am – 12 pm.  Project Incubators are an opportunity to create new, collaborative research teams with the goal of creating a research question related to BRIC NS priorities and applying for research funding.  The last Incubator was in December 2017 and we’re pleased to report that several successful projects were developed there.  This next Incubator will begin this process again.  Researchers, policy makers, citizens, students and clinicians are all welcome.


October 5, 2018 from 8am – 12 pm
North Magazine, Halifax Citadel (Citadel Hill)
On-site parking is available

Topic areas to be announced soon.

Please contact for more information.

BRIC NS Student Seminar Series

When:  August 1, 2018 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Where:  Room 266, Collaborative Health Education Building, 5793 University Ave., Halifax
Remote attendance will be available through Zoom.  Contact for details.

Jaimie Carrier, recipient of the 2017 BRIC NS Student Research Award, will present “Exploring the Employer Perspective on the Implementation of RN Prescribing in NS.”

BRIC NS is also pleased to have Jennifer Searle present “Queer Primary Healthcare in a Canadian Context: Shifting the burden, mapping gaps in knowledge, and discovering how stigma shapes LGBTQ2S health inequities.” 

About the speakers

Jaimie Carrier graduated with a BSc Nursing from McGill University in 2016, where her first research opportunities took place at the Shriners Hospital for Children – Canada. Her initial research at Shriners was on pain in children and adolescents with Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) and building tools focused on facilitating the transition between pediatric and adult healthcare systems for young adults with OI. However, Jaimie wanted to pursue research related to primary healthcare and health policy. She started her MSc Nursing at Dalhousie university in Fall 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener. Her thesis focuses on informing the health policy changes in Nova Scotia by collecting qualitative data from employers regarding barriers and facilitators to the implementation of RN prescribing in Nova Scotia.

Jennifer Searle is a full-time graduate student (NSHRF/CIHR) and Registered Nurse within the context of mental health, has two science degrees from Dalhousie University and has held various staff positions as an educator for undergraduate nursing students. She is passionate about making evidence-based connections between theoretical concepts and clinical practice and will begin her PhD at Dalhousie School of Nursing this fall, having been bridged from a master’s level program. Jennifer’s proposed research aims to leverage and apply her experiential knowledge as a lesbian nurse to provide new insights into equitable practices and advance advocacy efforts to enhance health outcomes, particularly for patients from historically marginalized communities.

All are welcome.  Light refreshments will be served.
For more information:

BRIC NS Meet and Greet

Patients and community members are invited to join BRIC NS staff for an opportunity to get to know each other and to learn about research projects actively looking for team members.

Please join us:

July 25 at 10:30 am at Coburg Coffee
6085 Coburg Rd., Halifax


July 26 at 7:00 pm at Humani-T
1451 South Park St., Halifax

Coffee is on us!

If you are interested in attending, or have any questions, please contact

BRIC NS Student Seminar Series

Recipients and supervisors
Recipients of the 2017 BRIC NS Research Award and their supervisors

You are invited to a special presentation about primary and integrated health care research being conducted by the recipients of the 2017 BRIC NS Student Research Award.

When:  July 4, 2018 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Where:  Room 264, Collaborative Health Education Building, 5793 University Ave., Halifax
Remote attendance will be available through Zoom.  Contact for details.

This seminar will cover two topics.  Jad Sinno will present “Mental Health in the HRM: Treatment preferences and experiences of adults living with anxiety, depression, or psychological distress in the Halifax Regional Municipality.” Alysia Robinson will present “Community Variation in Hospital Length of Stay: An Indicator of Community Care Integration.”

About the speakers

Jad Sinno is a Lebanese-Canadian, who was born in Kuwait and immigrated to Halifax in 2004. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2016 with a BSc Combined Honours in Neuroscience and Statistics with a Minor in Philosophy. Jad is currently a Master’s of Psychiatry Research Candidate with a focus in trans-cultural psychiatry under the supervision of Dr. Amy Bombay. He is hoping to explore the treatment preferences and experiences of various ethno-racial groups in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Jad has deferred offers to attend Law School at the University of Toronto where he hopes to pursue a career in legal academia. In his spare time, Jad enjoys swimming and biking, as well as traveling whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Alysia Robinson is a second year Master’s student in the department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. She also holds an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences, French Immersion, from the University of Ottawa. Her interests are in health services research and primary health care. These interests align with her thesis project that is being supervised by Dr. George Kephart and Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell. Outside of research, Alysia enjoys playing soccer, reading, and hiking.

All are welcome.  Light refreshments will be served.
For more information: