Comparative Program and Policy Analysis Grant

This funding opportunity focuses on two areas: 1) Comparative policy analyses across different provincial provincial/territorial health system contexts and related health outcomes and 2) comparative analysis of programmatic innovations in health care delivery that could scale to a system level.  Read the full funding opportunity.

Comparative Program and Policy Analysis Grants will be funded for up to two years with a maximum CIHR contribution of $62,500 per year.  Applicants must secure external partnership contributions from non-federal sources to match the CIHR contribution at a minimum 1:1 ratio.

Applications are due August 9, 2016.

If you are interested in applying to this funding opportunity we encourage you to contact BRIC NS as soon possible to discuss network support and requirements. Projects must involve at least one other provincial network; if you have not identified partners in other provinces we may be able to help.

All research teams intending to apply for this opportunity must submit a Letter of Intent no later than July 8, 2016.