Recent funding – ACTing Collectively project

BRIC NS members recently received $99,308 in funding through the Nova Scotia Health Research Fund Competition. The ACTing Collectively research team is led by Principal Investigators Grace Warner and Tanya Packer. The ACTing Collectively research project will work collaboratively with health system and community partners to identify and work with two communities in Nova Scotia to identify how to sustainably implement community-level data collection and sharing to improve our understanding of common concerns and frequently used resources of aging adults and associated gaps in resources in community settings.

Using the evidence-based innovation Age Care Technology (ACTTM), the project will collect individual and community-level data about the needs of, and available resources for, aging adults living in community. Individual Action Plans will be provided to members of two participating municipality units to facilitate their ability to stay at home and live in place as long as they wish or are able to. Aggregated data will inform communities and municipalities of the needs and priorities of aging adults in their communities and form recommendations for policy and program initiatives.

BRIC NS is proud to support this work and its team of interdisciplinary researchers, knowledge users, community and patient partners.


Title: ACTing collectively to map and address the needs of community-living older adults in Nova Scotia
Principal Investigators: Grace Warner and Tanya Packer
Amount: $99,308
Funding Source: Nova Scotia Health Research Fund Competition