BRIC NS Student Research Award Application Cycle 2023

Applications for the BRIC NS Student Research Award will be accepted from March 17 to May 17, 2023.

Note: Any applications received after the deadline will not be considered and you must resubmit for consideration when the next application cycle opens in Y2024.

Click here to view/download our Fillable Application Form

Click here to view/download Student Research Award Application Guidelines


The goal of the BRIC NS Student Research Award aims to encourage future health researchers to consider primary care research as part of their career path.

Funding Details

The BRIC NS Student Research Award is offered annually to a minimum of two eligible recipients. In addition to receiving this prestigious recognition, BRIC NS will contribute an award of $1,500 (non-renewable) to assist the recipient in furthering their research. Award recipients will be required to present their primary care research project at a BRIC NS event.


To be considered, student research award applicants must:

  1. Be a BRIC NS member (membership is free and can be obtained on our Membership page).
  2. Be a Master’s student, Doctoral student, or Medical Resident within a Nova Scotian institution.
  3. Be engaged in primary care research in BRIC NS’s priority area (Listed on our Priorities page)

Application Requirements

A completed application package must be submitted via e-mail to with the subject heading “BRIC NS Student Research Award Application”. SRA Applications must include:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Research project description (see application guidelines for format requirements)
  3. CV (Note that a Canadian Common CCV is not required, but would be acceptable)
  4. Copy of all academic transcripts (Unofficial transcripts will be accepted. Official transcripts may be requested upon receiving the award).
  5. A letter of reference from the applicant’s supervisor or other academic reference to be submitted separately by the referee. (see application guidelines for format requirements)

Assessment Criteria

Applications are assessed by the BRIC NS Student Research Award Review Committee using the following criteria and marking rubric:

  1. Addresses Primary Care Research Priorities (Yes or No)
  2. Relevance and potential impact of the primary care research project to BRIC NS’s goals and research priorities (20%)
  3. Quality and feasibility of the proposed primary care research project (20%)
  4. The relationship of the work to primary care (15%)
  5. Quality and feasibility of the patient engagement plan (15%)
  6. Quality and feasibility of the knowledge translation plan (15%)
  7. Quality, relevance and potential impact of academic abilities, training and past experiences (15%)

For all inquiries pertaining to this award:

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